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Date Latest News from A.G. Franz, LLC
TeamCast, an ENENSYS company announced the new BaseBand Frame Output Feature for the Neptune Satellite Demodulator in satnews
A TCP/IP acceleration solution is now available for the TeamCast Vyper2Way modem
A.G.Franz, together with our manufacturing partners, want to assure our customers that we remain open in these difficult times.
A.G.Franz is now offering a mono-pulse antenna tracking receiver system, consisting of the TDC Frequency Down-Converter and the CTR-70 mono-pulse Tracking Receiver from ECA Group Aerospace.
A.G. Franz achieved again the “Distributor of the Year” award from Peak Communications
Peak Communications released the next generation of their very popular AUPC (Automatic Uplink Power Controller) at IBC
Acorde added wideband (17.7-21.2 GHz) and ultra-wideband (17.7-22.2 GHz) Ka-Band Low Noise Blocks (LNBs), with a single input (wideband and ultra-wideband) and multiple, simultaneous outputs (wideband and ultra-wideband) to its selection of LNBs
Acorde released their new compact, dual 40W Ka-Band BUC
A.G. Franz receives the "Distributor of the Year" Award from Peak Communications
TeamCast announces NEPTUNE, the new DVB-S2X satellite demodulation platform
A.G. Franz is now offering DVB-S/S2 monitoring and analysis equipment from TestTree
PLATH published a whitepaper about multipath propagation in V/UHF direction finding systems
TeamCast announces the Vyper2Way, the first DVB-S2/S2X VLSNR modem, at the Satellite Show
World’s first Automated Satellite Link Optimization Solution introduced by TeamCast
SatMagazine Year in Review publishes an article from TeamCast: Two-Way Satellite Solutions for the Connected TV and New Markets
Acorde released their outdoor LNA Redundancy plate with indoor LNA Redundancy Controller
Peak publishes new application note about the Remote Mounted 1+1 & 2+1 Redundancy Control and Switch System for BUC/BDC/LNA/LNBs
A.G. Franz receives the "Distributor of the Year" Award from Peak Communications at IBC
TeamCast introduces SmartGate - a satellite gateway/modulator
TeamCast presents Tyger - a very high bitrate solution for satellite internet applications - at IBC
PLATH introduces mobility and protection to signals intelligence
TeamCast: Satellite & Terrestrial UHDTV Phase 2 validated
Peak releases the OSB Series - a 2:1 remote mounted RF distribution and selection switch unit with remote control
Peak releases its new 1:1 and 2:1 remote redundancy unit for BUCs, BDCs and LNBs
ENENSYS completes acquisition of TeamCast
novotronik develops switch matrix for 40GBase-T tests
Peak releases its new 2:1 redundancy switching for third party modulators, frequency converters, IRDs, antenna feeds, etc
Acorde is releasing its new compact mini Ka-Band BUC at NAB
TeamCast releases 3rd generation modulator Vyper 3000
TeamCast and Broadpeak demonstrate multiscreen delivery of Live Video via satellite
TeamCast’s complete DVB-CID solution shown at Satellite 2017
Unprecedented broadband/broadcast capacity with TYGER High Throughput Satellite Modulator
SatNews Daily: On the show floor... TeamCast's trilogy of debuts for D.C. show
North America-Leading the Market: A TeamCast perspective (in SatMagazine)

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Date Older News from A.G. Franz, LLC
TeamCast's technology and expertise selected for the Magellan Very High Throughput Satellite (VHTS) project
Acorde has chosen A.G.Franz, LLC as their distributor of Ka-Band and X-Band BUCs, LNBs and Transceivers in North America
TeamCast announced Vyper: Unprecedented broadband/broadcast capacity with “Very” High Throughput Satellite Modulator
Satnews discusses with TeamCast the disruptive pre-correction technology to increase link budget margins for broadcasters
On the IBC Showfloor - TeamCast presents (Satnews)
Plath sponsored Intelligence workshop at AOC Europe
Three awards for TeamCast at NAB
NAB press releases from TeamCast: Disruptive-Digital-Precorrection-for-VYPER, DVB-CID Receiver meets FCC’s new requiremsnts, High Throughput Satellite Modulator TYGER
TeamCast released CID Receiver, the first carrier ID extractor at Satellite 2016
TeamCast announced its new CID compliant wideband (up to 500 MHz) DVB-S2X Modulator Tyger with up to 2 Gbps bitrate, 480 MBauds
TeamCast is now a member of the Satellite Interference Reduction Group
TeamCast selected A.G.Franz to be a distributor in North America for their state-of-the-art DVB-S/S2/S2X satellite broadcast modulators
A.G.Franz became a reseller in the US for the PLATH HF/VHF/UHF high-performance receivers
A.G. Franz is partnering with Dover Telecommunication Systems (DTS) to offer RF and interference hunting training
novotronik signs A.G. Franz as New Distributor in North America
Very low temperature start-up option is now available for the Peak Communications remote mounted outdoor down- and up-converters
Eric Caruso joined A.G. Franz as Sales Manager RF Products
Advanced Broadcast Components Ltd. (ABC) chooses A.G. Franz as American distributor for their specialized digital video test equipment
New Product Releases: L-Band Splitters and Combiners (with User interface)
New Product Release: Automatic Up-Link Power Control Units
New Product Releases: L-Band Splitters and Combiners (with User interface)
New Product Release: Automatic Up-Link Power Control Units
New Product Release: Dual & Tri-Band Rack Mounted Block Down Converters
Block Upconverters with Integral Test Loop Translators
New Product Release: Multi-Band Test Loop Translators
Four Channel L-Band to IF Down Converter in a 1RU Chassis
New Product Release: Rack Mounted Block Converters with Full User Interface and Remote Control
Hot-swappable 1:1 redundant Block Up- and DownConverter System
Independent simultaneous backup for up to 16 satellites
New S-Band synthesized Frequency Converters
Monitoring of RF Signal Distribution in Headends simplified
New Integrated Redundancy Solution for Ground Stations
New Quad Non-Inverting C-Band to L-Band Rack Mountable Block DownConverter Resolves Integration Issues
New Ku-Band Rack Mountable Redundant Block Upconverter System introduced
A.G. Franz, LLC introduces RF sensing feature for all L-Band signal routing products from DEV Systemtechnik
CATV Signal Routing products now available with redundant amplifiers.
New products from DEV Systemtechnik for digital CATV headends and L-Band signal distribution now available.
A.G. Franz, LLC announced today the introduction of a new product from DEV Systemtechnik for failsafe signal delivery in cable head end stations. The new DEV 1520 Multichannel L-Band Sensing Switch measures and monitors the RF signal level at the input channels. If the RF signal level of the input signal on the main input falls below the user-defined threshold, the signal will be redirected automatically to the redundancy input.
A. G. Franz, LLC has been selected to join the European Project TARGET- Top Amplifier Research Groups in a European Team - as an associated member.
A. G. Franz, LLC announced today that it has signed an agreement with Peak Communications Limited, a higly successful European manufacturer of satellite communications equipment, to represent the company in the United States
Dr. Franz chaired the 2004 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium on Advances in Wired and Wireless Communications in Princeton, New Jersey
Dr. Franz participated in the Global VSAT Forum panel discussion "Looking Up, Looking Ahead: Sky High Profit or Pie in the Sky?" at the Satellite 2004 trade show in Washington, DC.
Dr. Franz moderated the keynote panel: "Survive and Thrive - Global Alliance Strategies and Tactics for the Satellite Industry" at the ISCE 2003 conference in Long Beach, California.
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