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ECA Group Aerospace designs, develops, manufactures and supports innovative and reliable solutions for Antenna Tracking Systems, Satellite Link & Payload Emulators and In-Flight Entertainment Systems. ECA Group has a heritage of more than 30 years serving Antenna Manufacturers, Satellite and Telecommunication Operators, Aircraft Operators and Manufacturers.

A.G. Franz, LLC provides the following products:

Antenna Tracking Receiver System

TDC Downconverter outdoorTDC Downconverter rack mount
CTR70 Tracking Receiver

The Antenna Tracking Receiver System consists of the TDC Down-Converter (S-, C-, X-, Ku-, and Ka-Band, an indoor or rack-mounted unit) and the CTR-70 Mono-pulseTracking Receiver (using one, two or three channels from the antenna feed system). It generates the input to the Antenna Control Unit for accurate closed-loop antenna pointing used in satellite constellations, HTS/ VHTS and deep space applications.

PCE 600 Satellite Link Emulator

The PCE-600 Satellite Link & Payload Emulator enables the user to investigate independently the effects of variations on the satellite uplink and downlink as well as on the satellite payload, on a satellite signal. The up to 600 MHz wide L-Band input signal is subjected to multiple user-definable perturbations of the signal path, in order to evaluate the quality of the L-Band output.

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